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This business section provides warehouse space for customers, however, the focus is on providing additional services for the customer such as repackaging, cross docking, sequencing, labeling, inventory control and logistics support. We serve clients in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

We provide a variety of local routes supplying industries such as Delphi Packard, Delphi Harrison, MBUSI and ZF Industries among others. Synchronous also has 17 tractors and provides long-haul transportation to and from customers in Michigan, Tennessee and Alabama. We specialize in customizing transportation needs to meet our customer's requirements.

We package service parts for several of our customers and, in some cases, provide the transportation to their destination. A major part of our packaging business in the assembly of cardboard boxes for the MBUSI project in Graz. A service we perform for several high volume MBUSI suppliers. Our ability to engineer packaging solutions has attracted many of our customers.

It is a dynamic product whose uses are limited only by the imagination. Honeycomb's distinctive cellular pattern and unique ability to bend and stretch into countless shapes and patterns invites imaginative uses. Pound for pound, Honeycomb is the strongest and most economical core material available for use today. The cellular form provides outstanding top to bottom compression, making this product an ideal component to replace wood pallets.

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Currently, we assemble products into sub-assemblies for shipment to automotive companies. This is a very demanding high quality business which relies very heavily on mechanical mistake proofing to achieve the quality levels required.

In this highly competitive arena, we are noted for quick response and attention to details. We provide our customers with quality support through inspecting, sorting and repairing product where shipping damage is a potential problem or where short-term containment is demanded by their customer. We are recognized by MBUSI, Delphi and Daimler-Chrysler as a qualified third party inspection service. Our quality engineers provide contract Quality Liaison with MBUSI and Delphi for some of our distant clients.

We maintain a weld shop and certified welders to design and fabricate shipping racks. Modification and repair of existing racks also fall into this business segment.